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Maxwell Coote of 56 squadron


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Hello Guys

I am looking for info regarding one Maxwell Coote, who flew with McCudden in 56 squadron RFC. I know that he survived the war, but other than that I know very little. Is there any chance that one of you knows more, and even has a photo, other than the one printed in Ralph Barkers book, Thr Royal Flying Corps in World War I?



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Not much info but a start:



London Gazette 19-1-1917


Mil. Wing.—

The undermentioned appts. are made: —

Flying Officers.

29th Dec. 1916.

Lt. M. H. Coote, R.A., and to be secd.

London Gazette 4-11-1919


R.H. and R.F.A.—

The undermentioned resign their commns. : —

Capt. M. H. Coote, on appt. to the R.A.F. 1st Aug. 1919

"Bookends" his RFC/RAF career if nothing else.


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Bearing in mind that he was previously Artillery, a US member here called rflory may well have some more information on his RA career. A post in Soldiers (or a edit on the subject title might grab his atttention...)


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Here's some information on Lt M H Coote of No 56 Sqn RFC, mainly gleaned from The SE 5 File by Sturtivant and Page

on 12 July 1917, Lt Coote was flying SE 5 A8898 when he claimed a two seater out of control over Roulers;

on 10 August 1917, he was flying SE 5 A4846, which overturned when the engine cut out during take off - the aircraft was struck off three days later;

on 29 August 1917, flying SE 5a B1, he claimed scout out of control near Thielt;

on 31 August 1917, flying SE 5a B516, he claimed a scout out of control over Bixschoote;

on 28 September 1917, he crashed in SE 5a B17 - the aircraft was struck off on 5 October;

on 29 September 1917, flying an unknown SE 5a, he claimed an enemy aeroplane driven down out of control;

on 8 November 1917, the engine of SE 5a B1 was shot up in combat and Lt Coote was forced to land at Neuve-Eglise.

Lt Coote must have been transferred back to the UK in late 1917 or early 1918 as, on 16 February 1918, he flew SE 5a C1065 of No 61 Sqn, based at Rochford, on a night Home Defence patrol against a raid by four German Giants - he had to return due to engine trouble.

I hope this is useful.


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You could try getting hold of a copy of Alex Revell's history of 56 sqn - HIGH IN THE EMPTY BLUE. Second hand copies go for upwards of £40 so might be prohibitive but will tell you of the day by day account history and also the post war reunions of 56 Sqn.

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