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Just registered with this site having seen a posting here (that I now cannot find) that indicated it was the Soldiers Died CD online.

Be warned - it's not.

I'm not suggesting that the site's a con-job as (when you look) it does say that the CD is the CD and the website is the website and never the twain shall meet... But all you get for your money is a slightly wider search ability than the CWGC gives you for free.

IMHO - not worth the effort or the money. Very, very disappointed as I'm interested in dates and a few particular units and this doesn't justify buying the CD versus wading through the NA and then CWGC site but as I said just IMHO.

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I've just had a look and and in my opinion the information they provide is exactly what you would find on the CD,no more no less,so it is in fact Soldiers Died Online. If you look on this site there are a few people including me who are willing to do look ups for free, people only have to ask :)

Regards Doug.

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Not sure what the issue is here. N&MP are just exploiting the Soldiers Died CD data to try and earn a few extra bob (which they might better have done by making the CD and its upgrades more acceptably priced!).

The sample data is identical to Soldiers Died, however, the filtering system is considerably less complex than the CD. Overall, not worth bothering with if your library has a copy or if you are prepared to ask people here for help.

Soldiers Died and CWGC are, of course, unrelated data sets so not sure what that reference is about.

Now, if only the CWGC would sell their database on CD with a proper search facility....

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i am suprised, i found the site quite helpful as i knew the persons name i was looking for but not his regiment. it did at least give me that and his army number, a good site for beginers i think



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