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Hi all,

Can anyone tell me if Battalion Transport companies had there own war diaries or were they included in the main Battalions diaries ?

I`m still trying to find a link to my Grandfathers (transport) unit as the photos we have of him are definately him wearing Bandoliers and spurs but a couple of them are with Draught (pack ) horses.

If his service records were in misfiles or burned files are these able to be read ?


Dave B.

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Arthur H Bennett served with the 1/6th Battalion(Sherwood Foresters) Notts and Derby Regiment, enlisted in Chapel En Le Frith around the High Peak district of Derbyshire.

As we were told no service records survived, and of course we assume that Arthur was in "B" company as that was made up of men that enlisted from that area.

We have followed regimental histories of the 1/6th Battalion but there is hardly any mention of the transport companys at all, we had a few references to where his records would have been found but we still don`t understand if they can be read or not ?

WO363/B75 , WO364/219, 4913, 5059,5803 , ???


Dave B.

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