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Ivor Lee

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:unsure: In F W Perry's Order of Battle (Part 5A) he says that the Australian Divisons had DivisionaL Employment Companies. These Companies coming on stream between January and August 1917.

Having spent the last week at the PRO I have been unable to find any reference to these Companies. They do not appear in the Orbats and I was unable to find a rference to them in four Australian Division War Diaries.

To cap it all there are no references in Bean to these Companies.

So does anyone know where Perry got his information from or can throw any light on this conundrom?

Many thanks

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Hi Ivor

I had a look at the National Archives of Australia's 'Recordsearch' database


and for the period 1914-1918 the Australian Employment Companies only came up with 4 mentions which were to do with field returns from 1917-1918.

Plus the AWM site has only one mention of this unit and that was only regarding the abbreviations for Australian units in WW1.

If I find any material as to what the actual role of these units were I'll let you know, though hopefully someone else might come up with something.



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Hi Andrew

Many thanks for the advice.

I had looked at the Australian War Memorial site but not the National Archives.

So will look for the 4 references. Am particularly interested as they are field returns. There is no mention of the Australian Employment Companies in the War Office Orbats for France & Flanders.

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