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Frederick Woodruff Crossland Moor Hospital 1918


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This is a photograph of my grandfather taken on 2.3.1918 at Crossland Moor Hospital, Yorkshire. I am trying to find out which Regiment he belonged to. I was told by my father that he was gassed during WW1 whilst in France, and the photograph would confirm that info I think.

In 1891 he was in the 3rd Regiment of Foot (East Kent Regiment) (The Buffs) but didn't stay in the army after 1894 when he married in Sheffield. I am presuming that he joined up in Sheffield where he was working on the railways. His age would have been about 44 years old in 1914. Would he have re-joined the East Kent Regiment or perhaps a local Regiment?

I can't find him on the records at AA as I don't know his regiment and would appreciate any help/guidance to find his army records and where and when he was discharged.

Thanks in advance,

Calmar :)


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Welcome to the forum.

If you follow the link at the top of this page to the Long, Long Trail there is a section called ‘Grandad’s War’. This contains some very useful information which might help uncover more about your grandfather.

It might also help to post the hospital photograph – a long shot but someone may be able to tell more from it.



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Thank you Mark have done as you suggest re photo! Two minds with the same thought. :)

I had looked at the link you suggest and also the medal link for him before I posted. There are 7 Frederick Woodruff's listed, but until I can find out for certain which regiment he was in, it doesn't help me.



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