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Buried B1056 Sheet xx in AIF WW1 Dossiers


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I am tring to find more about where a great uncle was killed and buried. I see on the end of the Army Form B.103 Casualty Form - Active Service of people killed around the same date that they are Buried B1056 Sheet xx, where xx is a two digital number. It appears that this a an alphabetical list. The soldiers do not have a known grave.

The question is what is this record and what information does it contain? I expect possibly nothing useful but I would like to know for certain.

My great uncle was killed near Le Barque in February 1917. He does not appear to have a formal grave. Another who was killed at the same time by the same shell was buried at Sheet 57C S.W. 1/20,000 about M18 central according to the Red Cross files.

Kind regards


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