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Am reading Red Victory, Bruce Lincoln, a world class historian. He refers to this man as 1 of the White commanders in the South in Russian Civil War, a Lithuanian Moslem! Says he commanded a corps, presumably for the Germans, in Romania, and spring 1918 they had him in charge of Crimea. Strange , who has heard of him?

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Pretty good account Tony, thanks. I have read an enormous amount of Russian history, had never heard of a Lithuanian Moslem.

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He was most likely a Lithuanian Tatar or known as Lipka Tatars

Yes, I have heard of small Muslim populations, probably Tatars, existing in the Baltic region not that long ago, forming several villages.

The Mongol invasion ledt behind small populations of Mongol-type people in its wake as it receded. My father told me of a population in eastern German (now Poland) which he called "Wasser=Polacken", or "Water Poles", which may have existed in the Masurian Lake region.

Bob Lembke

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