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Remembered Today:

HMS Perseus, Cephalonia

Mark Hone

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While on a half-term break with the family on the beautiful island of Cephalonia we were driving through the resort of Skala when I noticed a sign to the 'HMS Perseus Memorial'. Alas I could not prevail on the other members of the party to stop as we were on our way back to our accommodation with a fractious baby in tow, but could anyone enlighten me about this vessel? I am assuming that the incident is of second, rather than first world war vintage.

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And that, Terry, is one hell of a story. Tragic about his shipmates though.


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Thanks for that. I've discovered that there is quite a lot on the web about the Perseus and the miracle escape. It now seems to be a popular site for scuba divers. Hope they realise that it is a war grave...

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