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7th Essex and 10th Londons

Wienand Drenth

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Dear all,

Some time ago I was most happy to recieve scans of the Essex Regiment history from one of the Essex expert pals here.

While reading, I noted that 7th Bn, The Essex Regiment had some outlying companies in Hackney. The narrative states further that these companies were removed to London in 1912.

As Hackney was from 1912 the home of 10th Bn, The London Regt, I started checking some Army Lists to see there were some similarities. And yes, there were three of them, including the CO of 7th Essex who became the CO of 10th Londons.

Is there any London Regiment expert how may confirm this, and who might know a little more about this. Up to know I always thought that 10th Londons was formed from scratch, but appearantly this was not so.



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