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Sims Reeve-Camdridgeshire Regiment


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Is there anybody who has pictures and details of the Railway Dugouts Cemetary?

My Great Great uncle Sims Reeve is buried there, perhaps someone might even have a picture of his grave stone( long shot i know!! ). Hoping to visit the area later on in the year, so anything that might help.

I have grave/Memorial reference no:- VII. K. 1.




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I have just looked for you and then realised the last time i went was pre digital camera and not sure where the photo's are or if i took any (might even still be in the camera!)


Not going back to salient til november but if you still it then i will try so pm me in late oct early nov,


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The Forum pals tour in April visited this cemetery. My pic shown here is actually looking away from Plot VII 9 (where I am standing), which is on the left hand side as you enter the cemetery. No doubt someone will have a photo or two.


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Thanks for the photo. I dont know what to expect when i visit but i think keeping your emotions in check would be very very hard.

What did people do before digi cameras??!!

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Hello Chris,

I have pictures of the headstone and cemetery for you.

Please send me your home mail.

You'll find mine on my web site




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We had to use film and hope & pray the camera got the shot you wanted. Much easier now though.


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Pierre i have received the photo of Sims` headstone, thankyou very much.

I think it is the first time anyone in my family has ever seen it since he was buried there in 1917.

Thanks for all your help!



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