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Kelia - Turkey? Greece? Help


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I have a post card that says Kelia. I am aware that my grandfather served in Turkey with the British.

Anyone know where kelia is?

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Your Kelia is most likely Kilia on the Gallipoli Peninsula. It is a bay on the Dardanelles side of the peninsula about one kilometre above or to the north the town of Eceabat, known as Maidos in the time of the campaign and afterwards. The coastal road down the peninsula to the town runs around the bay and it is at Kilia that there is a turn to the right, when coming south, for the road that runs across the peninsula to Kabatepe and the ANZAC sector.

More correctly, Kilia is Kilia Liman (port) and was used as a landing point for the Ottomans bringing supplies to the Peninsula.

After the war, the occupying British forces had troops stationed in the area and there was also a British cemetery there. The graves were later transferred to the Shell Green cemetery in the ANZAC sector, and are marked by a plaque as the Kelia plot. I have seen a photo of a grave marked as being from the Kelia cemetery in the early 1920s.

Hope this is of some use.



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As usual what Bill says makes sence .. alot (Bill, you're vsuposed to be in Italy !!). just to be sure ... any chance of a scan ???


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Here is the back of a postcard for you to decipher.

The bottom is a name in Russian.

Any help with other words is appreciated.


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