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Remembered Today:

War Memorial for Fulstow


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I unfortunatly got the 1st 7 the hard way.....by taking the 1901 census and trawling through the CWG web site for Fulstow references. It took me about 5 years on and off I have no knowledge of the CD Arhhh

I have narrow down the SHERRIFF's

Alfred Sherriff is one of mine withour a doubt,

The father was already dead as I have been through the burial book in church this evening, so he's out. The other son is Herbert Sherriff

so I will have to do some more digging. Parents names where Robert & Betsey or Elizabeth

Thanks again

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The family record centre in London have the births, marriages etc... and these are avilable on microfiche at major libraries in the UK, perhaps a look there may help


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The 1/5th Lincolns releived the 1/4th Leicestershire Bn. to begin a six day trench tour on the night of 10th August 1915, suffering one casualty during the handover.

During this tour, near Hill 60 south of Ypres, the Lincolns were busy improving the conditions of and repairing the trenches. This was dangerous work, usually only undertaken at night.

The enemy through Artillery fire and trench mortars bombarded any areas in the Lincolns sector that they considered to be of strategic importance. The Germans also occupied the heights of Hill 60 from which they could observe into the opposing lines and direct operations.

There are several possibilities as to how Alfred was killed. On the 15th of August Battalion H.Q. was shelled as was the area behind trench 49 at around 6 p.m. A party of men were putting out wire in front of 49 during the night and also working on a communication trench connecting to the same trench. Another party were working on erecting new breastwork between trenches 41 and 47.

I suspect that Alfred did receive a proper burial, somewhere close behind the lines. His grave may have been lost during subsequent fighting over this area later in the war, hence his recording on the Ypres Menin Gate Memorial to the missing.



Tom is right about the Sheriff spelling for Alfred as recorded on the MIC. I have him on my db as Sherriff.

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The Alfred described above was born and resided in Frodingham and enlisted in Scunthorpe.

Nik thought that this was her man, and could be, but appears to be local to Scunthorpe.

He is on SDGW as SheRRiff, but on the MIC as SheRiff.


there is an Alfred Sydney SheRiff on SDGW who appears as Alfred S SheRRiff on the MIC.

(my heads spinning now, who were these clerical cowboys :D )


the second Alfred (West Riding Regiment fromerly N'land Fus')

resided in North Thoresby, Lincs which is just a few miles from Fulstow.

I suspect the sencond Alf is Niks man?

Any thoughts anyone.


Wyatt Earp.

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It would appear,

(Thanks Mr Bailey)

That the two above SheRiffs or SheRRiffs were in fact cousins.

And it is the West Riding Man who has the Fulstow connection.


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Thanks for all everyones help, I doubt I have finished with you all yet, I just wish I had found this sight 5 years ago



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Just a note to thank ever one who has help me with the Fulstow War Memorial

we have had donations from all over the country & in fact 2 from the USA

We have got £1850.00 for our memorial which is now not going to be a small plaque in the village hall but a great big one outside.

The dedication or opening will be on November 13th 2005 anyone is welcome.

I have 10 WW1 men & 5 WW2 now.

I also have asked the "kids" of the village and will have either a family member or a lad of the same age on the day to stand & say " I am here to represent ........... who was either the same age as them i.e 19, 22 etc or was my brother or great uncle etc who was killed in then the year"

At the end of this list is a list of all the WW1 men we lost and 10 from a small village like ours must have been a hell of a blow

Thanks again

Nicola Pike

Pte 8661 Arthur West 25 26/05/1916 No known Grave

Prince of Wales Own (West Yorkshire Regiment)

Pte. 178 George Sutton. Taylor 20 01/07/1916

Lincolnshire Regiment "A" Coy. 10th Bn.

Pte. 15325 Tom Wattam 20 19/10/1916

Lincolnshire Regiment 2nd Bn

Pte 6804 Albert S Sherriff 28 02/12/1916

Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) 4th Bn.

Pte. 241684 Herbert Harrison 22 24/02/1917

Lincolnshire Regiment 5th Bn

Pte 7423 Charles H Kirman 32 29/09/1917

7th Batt Lincolns He had already been with the 1st & 2nd Batt

Pte. 103257 Harold Pennell 19 23/11/1917

Machine Gun Corps (Inf) 119th Coy.

Rifleman S/15683 Herbert E Green 24 25/03/1918

Rifle Brigade 16th Bn

Pte. 505 George Marshall 23 23/09/1918

7th Lincolnshires

Pte. DM2/179372 Charles Hyde 25 08/11/1918

Army Service Corps 880th M.T. Coy

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:DFULSTOW - War Memorial

Just to let you all know that the above is now in place a photo can be found on the great war society page it's the last uplaod photo


A big thank you to all who helped & supported in any way, we had a wonderful turn out of about 275 people with 145 staying on for lunch.

I know hope that Fulstow will be able to have a rememberance service every 2 - 3 years (the vicar has 5 parishes)

Thanks once again for all your support

Nicola Pike


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