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16 Reserve Bn, 4th Canadian Lab Bn


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I have just recieved the service records of a relative who fought with the CEF.

He was posted to 102 Battalion and wounded on 9 April 1917 at Vimy Ridge.

On 20/06/17 he was posted to 16 Reserve Battalion and then on 29/10/17 he was posted to 4th Canadian Labour Battalion which became 2nd Canadian Works Battalion.

I am looking for information on all of the above mentioned units.

Can anybody help?


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Hi Sean,

The Library and Archives of Canada have put the War diaries of a great number of units online:

Search Engine

There is a list of units to use with the search engine:

Key List

The War Diary entries for the 102nd Canadian Infantry Battalion can be found here:

102nd Canadian Infantry Battalion

Those for the 16th Reserve Bn. here:

16th Reserve Battalion

There is only one entry for the Labour Bn., not specified:

Labour Battalion

I can't find a seperate entry for the Canadian Works Bn.

For more information you can try this excellent website:

CEF Study Group

Cheers, Michael

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Thanks for the info.

Why is the Canadian Record Office so far ahead of ours?


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