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Acknowledge images from external sites.


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To All members of the GWF, old and new. Please read the relevant section of the rules as below, and acknowledge images from external sites.

Thank You, 
GWF Admin Team.



Members posting images or content from sources other than those of which they are the copyright owners are required to make reasonable efforts to respect copyright. Guidance on what is permissible is best summed up in this way: 


The UK's Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 typically protects works for 70 years from creation or 70 years after the death of the author (whichever is later). Consequently some material produced during the Great War might still be under Copyright. For example if an author or photographer of a Great War period work died less than 70 years ago, the work is likely to be protected by Copyright.  


Fair Dealing. 

The 1988 Act provides exemptions under "Acts Permitted in Relation to Copyright Works"  that allows Copyright material to be reproduced. These exemptions largely allow GWF members to post Copyright material under certain strict criteria of "Fair Dealing". For the purposes of posting Copyright material on GWF the following criteria must be met ;


Non commercial

For research or private study or criticism or review


Not more than is required and not more than 5% of any work by page count, word count or image count

The source is acknowledged.



Members should acknowledge sources when quoting or using material from external sources otherwise these items may be removed without notice. 

To protect the GWF posts  that do not respect these rules  may be edited or removed at any time, as may content that is asserted to be posted in breach of copyright.

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