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51st Division in France


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Interested in the 1/4th Kings own and in particular references in this case in the embarkation to France in May 1915. Does the book focus on the Scot element?-how useful is it to the Lancastrian historians?


Anthony :)

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(I might be sending coal to newcastle here) but are you aware of the history of the 4th Battalion Kings Own by Lt.Col.Wadham and Capt.Crossley (1920)? It's been re-printed by the N&MP and is an excellent, budget priced, history.


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Thanks for your reply-yes I have the wadham and Crossley book which is very useful, but I have never come across any accounts of the cross channel voyage either in newspapers of the day or in later publications.

I know this would have been relatively short and perhaps insignificant in the context of their whole experience but I am a little surprised that in the flush of excitement/trepidation/apprehension that must have been prevalent amongst the men as they embarked for France there are no mentions anywhere of the name of the ship/the conditions etc.

Cheers Dave,

Anthony :)

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Anthony, The Fifty First in France-Captain Robert B Ross.

I've not read it from cover to cover but it's principal focus is on the 7th Gordon Highlanders with an occasional Black Watch, A&S Highlanders. All very Scottish.Can't find ref to other units. Refers in rather broad stokes to Brigades but not 1/4th Kings Own. For your info the 7th Gordons left Bedford, Ampthill Military sidings 7:30p.m.Sunday, 3rd May 1915 by train. Detrained Folkestone and boarded the "Onward" belonging to South Eastern & Chatham Railway. Arrived Boulogne bofore dawn the next morning. Regards Tim.

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1/4th Bn TF, the King's Own (joined April 1915, left January 1916)

History of 51st HD by Brewsher gives pages 10 to 48 covering that time. It does mention the Battalion but more usually the 154th Lancashire Brigade.

There is no mention of which ship took them to France.




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