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Hello all,

Surching for some info on these shells.

I think they are  WW1 German 37 mm Hotchkiss and that AWS - Artillerie Werkstatt Spandau is.

Not sure about the dimensions, don't have the shells in my possesion.

Would like to know what DEBR means.


Thank You.




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I think you will find the DEBR = December and made in the year as shown ie.1887 and 1888 so they definitely are pre-WW1 shell cases. 

Cheers,  SS 

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Correct, my understanding that the shells weren’t marked with month in a lot of armies as a numeral to avoid supply issues with less literate troops - getting mixed up between the month and year and various other markings. Hence  1888 and 1889 marked as full years, so no one confused it for a 88mm ect. 

kind regards


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