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Remembered Today:

Lt. Clarke MGC MC


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If anyone has a pic of this man I'd love to hear from them.


Dr. Thomas Clarke of Liverpool, formerly of Ahoghill, has been notified that his son 2nd Lt. R. S. Clarke MGC was killed in action on the morning of 5th October 1918. Captain Cyril Lane states that on the morning the deceased was killed, the infantry were held up and suffering heavy casualties from enemy machine gun fire at close range.

2nd Lt. Clarke took forward his guns got them into action and succeeded in silencing one enemy gun before being killed by a sniper. 2nd Lt Clarke had received the Military Cross for his bravery at the Somme.

Ballymena Observer January 3, 1919

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Not a pic but from my H&A database


T./2nd Lt. Richard Stanley Clarke, 47th Bn., M.G. Corps.

For conspicuous gallantry while in command of four guns. When the enemy counter-attacked and pushed back the infantry on the left, his guns were left out in front. Though he had two guns knocked out, he stuck to his position, and collected and brought back some of the infantry to the line of his two remaining guns. By his courage and leadership he materially helped to keep the left flank of the line intact.

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Staff - thanks v. much ... does this indicate that he got a posthumous 'bar' to the Somme MC?

If I'm reading the abbreviations at the top right??!

Cheers for that one.

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Nope, it was a first award. 'Cit' is the note I put for a published citation.

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Cheers. What's H&A?? And do you know if he was born Ballymena/Ahoghill or born in Liverpool after his father moved over there?

Many thanks, Des

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This is the second time I've "recommended" this site tonight. I found it totally blind on Google. It purports to sell newspaper articles at £4 a pop.


R S Clarke, MGC, MC appears in the list twice, but whether there is a photo, I don't know (or even whether this is the same man). It may just be his MC Gazette from the London Gazette.

I have no idea what quality information is supplied.

Just a heads up. Caveat Emptor, Buyer beware, and all that.

Up to you, really.


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Looks as though it was the "second" battle(s) of the Somme - ie March 1918 to me. You might have to look up the Bn War Diary.


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Doh! Why didn't I think of that!!!

Well played that man.

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