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Remembered Today:

Anyone going to the Brotherton who could copy a 16 page pamphlet?


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They hold an undated booklet of 16 pages published by The Red Triangle Press, (which was the YMCA), written by Arthur W Blaxall, who was later to become an Anglican priest, spending much of his career in S Africa. His medal records confirm that he was with the YMCA in the Salonika campaign.

The pamphlet is in the   "Henry Cassidy Papers", reference GB 206 Liddle Collection  SAL 013  ( also described as LIDDLE/WW1/SAL/013 )

It is titled "Salonika and Macedonia" and as yet I have been unable to trace any other holding body. There may be one in the Birmingham University Special Collections as they hold most YMCA archive material, but I failed to find it in their system.

I would be very grateful if anyone visiting the library could photograph this document or obtain a photocopy, which of course I would be happy to pay for.

Keith Roberts



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