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Seeking WW1 Aviation artist/ day dreaming again


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I would like an artist's impression/ drawing of my grandfather's plane crash whilst serving in RNAS 2 Squadron so an artist who could draw a DH4 following a certain crash landing.

Perhaps @chaz you could advise ? I read  your post about Robert Taylor. But no pressure!

Thank you 



Hi again team.please ignore my request.  I was getting carried away with ideas that unfortunately I cannot afford. 
My apologies 


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  • Admin

My friend Tim Godden did a commission for me last year. 

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Thank you Michelle ! I'll contact Tim .

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  • FionaBam changed the title to Seeking WW1 Aviation artist/ day dreaming again

Its a big shame Robert Taylor has passed, there are not many WW1 prints about.

Robert initially published through the Military Gallery in Bath, but in latter years Aces High took over publishing. https://www.aces-high.com/

they have a good stable of artists. aviation prints

you could try asking Geoff Nutkins https://www.aviartnutkins.com/contact.php

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50 minutes ago, chaz said:

shame Robert Taylor has passed, 

Thank you Chaz. I do like Robert's style from the few paintings I have seen online.

I had a reality check ( long overdue !) and will have to forego seeking to commission a painting but.....I will look to see if they have anything already done that resembles what happened to my grandfathers plane that day



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the reality being it will cost.

Where commercial artists are involved the money is made from print runs. these can vary from £50 for unlimited copies , print runs of 1500. The can rise to limited edition runs anywhere 250 to 1000 off going from £250 to £695. These might have signatures matted on (copies of original ) or added extra pencil remarques.  Finally the original artwork can be sold off .

We have a large collection of prints but now probably not worth as much as we paid for them.

what I would suggest, is a visit to somewhere like Duxford for an air show , there could be artists there plying their trade.

I do have a couple , done by local artists the prints were cheaper . I dont know if Barry Walding is still around. There may be an artist at a militaria fair. Our local one has one who paints old style soldiers , may be interested in a new commision.

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Hi Chaz

I really appreciate your help. That's all very useful information. 

I especially like the idea of having a painting of a cousin as a Captain in 24th Royal  Fusiliers somewhere near Cuinchy brick stacks in 1917 before a sniper got him. Its something I'll make a note of and  with some luck maybe one day in the future I could come back to you for your local artist or I'll try the equivalent militaria fair in Kent .

Thanks again

Best wishes 


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