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2/5th South Lancs man


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Just finished some research on a gentleman who's service record survived. A few things noticed on his record that made me wonder a little.

Attested as a Territorial as a 4 year service in the UK man in St. Helens on 23/11/14 and passed medically fit.

Served at home 23/11/14 to 26/6/15

Went to France 27/6/15 to 11/12/15

Served home 12/12/15 to 13/4/16 when medically discharged as unfit for military service.

His medical board report states he has always had flat feet which gradually got worse since he joined the Army.

Not result of but aggravated by active service.

21years old and a collier by trade.

26/11/15 10th Field Ambulance

26/11/15 Casualty Clearing Station

28/11/15 No 9 General Hospital, Rouen

4/12/15 Territorial East Depot, Rouen

11/12/15 To England

He was a bit of a bad boy during his service in France, being awarded Field Punishment No 1 on a couple of occasions for doing willful damage to property, striking an NCO and drunkeness. All during the 5 months he spent in France not including his time in Hospital, Depot etc etc.

He was awarded a SWB and 1914-15 Trio.

Question arises (not knowing much about flat feet) this can presumably be a crippling problem, due to his discharge on account of this.

Would or could he have not been fit for say a driver in the A.S.C. at home, as I have records at home where people have had, what would appear on the surface, to be far worse conditions and yet were transferred to home duties or rear jobs.

Would the need for men in November 1914 mean that his flat feet would have been overlooked or not even taken into account.

Just some ponderables that made me think. Wonder if anyone else has come across this or peoples thoughts on this case.


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