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Quarantine camp in Enschede 1917-1919

Guest rpbrug

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I'm looking for any information about the camp in Enschede ( Netherlands) that existed between 1917 and 1919 and was established to delouse and medically check ex-POW's coming from Germany. More than 70.000 POW's were processed through this camp. Some of my questions: Why this camp? Why from 1917? Are there any records? Does anyone have postcards or letters from this camp?



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I think the reason for it being the Netherlands was because of the Red Cross proceesed prisoners through there before return to the UK. Has the reason for it being there something to do with the poliical position of the Netherlands during the first world war? I seem to remember reading something about prisoners being exchanged in Holland prior to the end of the war.


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At the moment I have three different camps in Enschede around the end of WWI. One camp established in 1917, perhaps for British POW's exchanged for Germans; a facility used for delousing and processing of ex-POW's, used only for three months, in which time more then 70.000 men passed through it. And a camp used in 1919 for Dutch people, who fled Germany and Belgium.

I'm still trying to establish the exact reason for each camp , the period of time it was used and for what purpose it was used. I'm still not certain about the three camps.

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