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L.J.R.48.13 (Landwehr Infantry Regiment 48)


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I acquired this grip strap marked 1913 Sauer. Some research located this unit history book, but is it for the correct unit?
I am guessing the "13" at the end of the pistol's marking is "Company 13" but the book lists only 12 companies.
But maybe the 13 signifies the 13th weapon? Could it have been issued to one of the 5 Stabsoffiziere?

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Yes this could be of Stab or Headquarter  as Offiziere worried a smaller weapons like here a 7,65mm, 13 could be the number assigned in Stab of LIR48, Your table speaks that from Stab were missed/fallen in war 5 Officers.

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Andy thank you very much for your well thought through reply.
Your observation that the table relates only to lost soldiers is a good and important one.

For what it's worth, the regimental history book reflected in the images above specifies that LIR 48
was mobilized 3-August-1914 at the Oder fortress of Küstrin (modern day Kostrzyn nad Odrą in Poland),
with 32-39 year old men from the districts of Berlin, Kottbus and Neumark, and assigned to
Angermünde in Germany, northeast of Berlin.

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Wasn't the Maschinengewehr-Kompagnie (when there was still only one of them per regiment) often numbered as the 13th company (like on shoulder board numbers)?

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MG crews worried P08 pistols normally, not the smaller pistols, which was used mainly by Offizers. Normally even on pistols were designate on frame MG units not the 13 or 15.company as the MG unit of Regiment.

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