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A 19-year wait for an item acquired online


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A reunite of sorts!

I've just taken delivery of a membership badge of the Zeebrugge Association that I bought last week on a certain online auction site. These badges are numbered so a quick glance at the membership list established that No.554 was owned by Pte T. Harvey RMLI,  who was wounded in the Raid. Then I checked my card index and discovered that it was the same badge I'd bought on the same website in 2005.....which never arrived and was deemed lost in the post!!!

Anyway, 19 years later Pte Harvey has finally made it to my house. Did I mind paying twice for it? Certainly not. I've finally been, if not reunited, then united with the lapel badge. You can see what it looks like in my avatar.



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Glad to hear it was worth the wait! It does make one wonder what really happened 19 years ago though.



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If you can prove that you paid for it back then, and received no refund, then you owned the badge from that date. 

As such, whoever sold it to you this time had no title to the piece, and you may sue them to recover what you paid for it this time. It can be done through the Small Claims Court or the County Court for not much money and if you won your case, you could also get your costs back.

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Well, Dai, you're probably right, but to be honest the badge is probably worth twice what I paid for it (this time) so I won't be out of pocket

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