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Captain Claude Boisragon Crawford , Ox & Bucks Light Infantry


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Hello forum members.

I am trying to find out about 

Claude Boisragon Crawford , who was commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant , The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry on 9.9.14, was appointed temporary Lieutenant on 1.10.15, and then Temporary Captain on 20.1.16, before relinquishing temporary rank of captain on 21.4.18, and then being seconded to the Air Ministry on 5.7.18.

A search of the national archives fails to bring up a MIC , but does bring up a record of his service witht the air ministry , and lists a date of birth of 28.12.95, which would make him just under 19, when he was commisioned into the Ox & Bucks.

I've researched soldiers records at the national archive before , but never an officer's. How detailed are the officer's records please ? Or am i likely to find out more through a regimental history ?  

I'm not sure what battalion of the Ox and Bucks he was in , but am including a Statement of Service for him . He transfered back to the Ox and Bucks after his secondment to the Air Ministry, and served through WW2 reaching the rank of Acting Colonel , It makes interesting reading,

He was the father of a friend of mine, who has asked me to find out what I can. Amazingly enough, his dad was 72 when my friend was born, and lived to the age of 99 . Quite an innings, and came through the whole of WW1. 

If any kind forum memeber or expert in the Ox & Bucks can help shed any light, I 'd be very grateful. Or point me in the direction of relevant war diaries, batalion histories etc .





officer statement.pdf

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1 hour ago, mjh said:

not sure what battalion

5th battalion at the time of his wounding, reported in newspapers end June 1915.

Courtesy Findmypast


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Stoneyhurst War Record 

Lieutenant C. B Crawford

Name: Crawford, C. B

Rank: Lieutenant

College: Stonyhurst College

Ship / Unit: 1st Battalion Attached 5th Battalion the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry

Enrollment: 1905

War: The Great War

Type: War List


Profile: C. B CRAWFORD Commn., 5th Bn. (Aug. 9th, 1914) ; T/Capt. (Jan. 20th, 1916 to April 20th, 1918) ; nominated to Reg. Commn., 2nd Lieut, (seniority July 4th, 1916) (July 28th, 1916) ; employed under Air Ministry (July 5th, 1918 to Nov. 11th, 1918). Wounded (June 5th, 1915) ; Mentioned in Despatches (Dec. 21st, 1917). France and Flanders (with 5th Bn.) (May —th, 1915 to 1918).

Source: Stonyhurst War Record 1914-1918

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Considering Stonyhurst College is not too far away from me It never crossed my mind that they would have a Military connection

The book that just found is worth reading!

It has Claude Boisragon Crawford, listed as Wounded - once so that must be in 1915

War-Record.pdf (worldwar1schoolarchives.org)


What is the reason his family was born, and living in India?


This was a surprise-

Guess who else was there from 1903.....Lieut. MAURICE DEASE, V.C., 4th Bn. The Royal Fusiliers.

Never knew that!

Dease was one of the focal points of the very first battlefield trip I went on! 


Never knew he was up in my part of the world before the war!

Amazing to discover 


Cheers and glad I saw this thread, learnt something new !





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  • 2 months later...

Hi Guys,

This Officer (C. B CRAWFORD) served in Ireland with the 1st Battalion from 3/11/1920 as part of the 18th Infantry brigade 6th Divisio . Below is taken from a photo of the officers of the regiment in Ireland in 1921. I was unaware of his later service. 

I would be interested in discussing more as i am 


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WFA/Fold3 have an undated pension index cards for a disability claim [unspecified] - address The ????? Hall, St Cross Road, Oxford.


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