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Remembered Today:

Special India Army Order No. 39S 1919


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Can anyone tell me what this Army Order actually said?

"Special India AO No. 39S" appears to have been issued in early 1919 and led to a number of men re-enlisting.




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Am I reading the above link as


Discharged under No 10 S Demobilization-

A preliminary to general demobilization

A return is required of all British ranks

On the permanent establishment of Indian Regiments...

Also those who are continuing in the service  

"on 17 December 1918"

But going to the Royal Sussex Regiment :huh::unsure:

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Re-reading, I can't see what johnmelling1979 is seeing, but I wonder whether Special India Army Order No. 39S is actually a reference  for 1918, not 1919.

I'm not aware of any Indian Army Orders for 1918 available online.


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Thank you for the links. Very helpful. I shall see if I can find AOs for 1918.

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Orders in 1922 make reference to 39-S of 1918. It appears to refer to disbandment of units, re-enlistment, and bounty payments. If I ever actually get to see a copy, I will post it here for future reference.

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