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Reading a Casualty/Active Service Form


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Hello, all:

I started collecting medals just about a month ago.  This is my first day on this site and my first post.  Please excuse my lack of knowledge but I am learning.  So far, I have some WWI medals already in my collection, and just received a new pair of medals today for Pte. E LeBlanc, 3180490.  As far as I gather, he was drafted in 1917.  His first movement to France (in field) seems to be November 9, 1918!  Have I read his forms wrong or is this guy just incredibly lucky?

Thank you,



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  • Admin

Welcome to the Forum !

The dates extreme left are the dates the entries for the activities were written on the Form.

The dates in the penultimate column are the dates the activities actually happened.

So he arrived in France on the 8th November 1918.

Yes lucky - there were plenty !



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