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Remembered Today:

Turkish Bag

6th Hauraki KIA KAHA

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Hi all

I have had this for a while picked it up with a 1914 dated Turkish belt and buckle all i no is that it is Turkish WW1.

As you can see from the inside it has slots to hold something?post-6628-1113652645.jpgpost-6628-1113652690.jpg

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Could it be something like a cartridge bag? Designed to carry some packs of ammunition and some loose. Are the loops capable of holding individual shells?

The Austrians had something similar, although more substantially made, and the Turks were issued with a lot of Austrian, or Austrian looking articles. Just a few ideas.

I will hunt through some Turkish photos and see if there appears to be anything similar.

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Thanks Grant you could be right there.

I have tried out some 303 rounds I do not have any Mauser rounds.

You would be able to hold 20 rounds in the slots.

And would fit allot of stripper clips or packets of ammo.

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Came across the foll in my reading today

Description of a Turkish prisoner taken above ‘Y Beach’ 25th April 1915

“His equipment consisted of a civilian overcoat, and from his size he wore plenty of underclothing, a soldier’s head-dress, and a white haversack full of loose ammunition, ………………etc………”

Sergeant W. H. Meatyard, Plymouth Battalion, RMLI

Original doc. held at Royal Marines Museum

[Reproduced in Len Sellers’ magazine ‘RND’ Issue No.19, Dec 2001]


Michael D.R.

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