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EB111 Ersatz bayonet


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I've picked up this bayonet the other day. In my knowing it's an EB111 according to Carter. I have my thoughts on the spring, it seems replaced at one point. Could this be a period old replacement? 

Could anyone conform this is an legit EB111 ersatz bayonet? 

If needed I can gave additional pictures. 

Any info is welcome and much appriciated. 

Thank you. 












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EB111 is a collector designation made by Carter, in reality this is most probably a german conversion of spare M1866 bayonets for various german rifles, in this case with a S1871 crossguard, aptiertes M1866 Bajonett fuer Gew71 or Gew1888, similar conversion were done post 1875 for various units, mainly for  Landwehr and Landsturm. Date this piece as WW1 period is probably a lower possibility, but it still could be used.

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From what I've read that these captured unmodified Chassepots were at first only used as a side arm (and usually by Landwehr and Landsturm units) 

So this alternation (seeing replacing crossguard and handle) were also done pre 1915? 

What are your thoughts on the spring? 


Thank you! 

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What is for inscription on spine of blade? the spring rivet could be a replacement, anyway i dont known about period or later. Alteration of similar way with crossguard S1871 were done in 80/90ies of 19.century, certainly not in 1915. Similar blade would be too long for use.

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then it was mashined out by germans by refurbishment. You should compare the width of blade with normal Chassepot M1866.

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