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What kind of ships were these

Colleen Mason

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I am currently tracing another naval ancestor, and have successfully traced all his ships till now and admit I’m stuck. The gentleman’s name is Percy Yost (no.: 202623) , would like to know whether they were shore bases or actual ships and why are there two names unless the ship changed its name. Also with the Columbine is that the ship or Admiralty base at Port Edgar?

8.3.1918 – 14.2.1919: Blake (Vortigern) {Petty Officer (NS)} 

15.2.1919 – 28.2.1919: Blake (Viscount) {Petty Officer (NS)}

1.3.1919 – 18.12.1919: Greenwich (Viscount) {Petty Officer (NS)}

19.12.1919 – 30.6.1920: Columbine (Viscount) {Petty Officer (NS)}

1.7.1920 – 13.8.1920: Dido (Viscount) {Petty Officer (NS)}

Many thanks for your help




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Vortigern and Viscount were the destroyers he served on. The first named ship is the depot ship of the Flotilla they were attached to.

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Just looking at his WW1 service, VORTIGERN was part of the 11th Destroyer Flotilla based on their deopot ship HMS BLAKE with the Grand Fleet at Scapa Flow.

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Thank you both for your help and very prompt replies. It certainly makes sense now, I will no doubt be back with other questions . Many thanks.

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