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"10/- Gratuity for raising submarine" - but when...and which one?


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Good morning to you all.  Scratching my head over this one at the moment and would really appreciate your help...

In the remarks section of the record of Charles John Greaney is the remark "10/- grat for raising sub"  either side of which are some letters/words I've interpreted in a number of ways.  I'd initially thought that to the left said "W29", but am now uncertain.  "Vivid II Feb 14" written beneath appears to be in the same hand as that above it, so I'm assuming the event happened early 1914 (which coincides with Greaney's commencement of naval service).

I've spoken to a relative of the individual who seems to recall being told the event happened in Scotland, but this may well be apocryphal.  

The obvious answer would be the failed attempt to raise the A7, lost in Whitsand Bay on 16 January 1914, but the remark states 'for raising sub' - indicating a successful operation, which the recovery of A7 was not.  I've started trawling newspapers in the hope of finding something, but no luck so far.  It's possible the letters to the right of the comment identifies the sunken vessel, but I just can't make it out (at least to anything that fits any known vessel). 

Additionally, Greaney was a submariner E.R.A. under instruction, so, was he on the vessel that he helped raise, or did he assist in the raising of another vessel?  More questions than answers!  So, that's where I am with it at the moment!  Can anyone help?  

Having scanned through the ship's list, can anyone shed any light on bracketed entry beneath HMS 'St George' - which appears to say (Stowe) - I'm unable to locate any vessel (ship, submarine or shore) that fits.

Really hoping someone just might have the answer to the "raising sub" mystery!

Thanks in advance guys!


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Nothing to do with submarines, I'm afraid. Rather, it records a February 1914 cash transaction on the ledger of HMS VIVID II, related to his enlistment in January 1914. Some sort of cash grant of ten shillings on joining.

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He was borne on the books of ST GEORGE while serving in the destroyer HMS STOUR between the dates shown. Based on the depot ship (ST GEORGE) at Jarrow on the Tyne and part of the 9th Destroyer Flotilla of about twelve boats.

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