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Greetings from an Old Outlaw.

Since being chased out of Nottinghamshire by Maid Marion teaming up with the Sheriff I have enlarged my medal interest

beyond just Nottinghamshire units . 

I have been offered a 1914-15 Star trio to D.A. 7281 J.W DUNKERLEY R.N.R . On the Star his rank is D.H. and on the pair

L DH.  I would assume that D.H. is Deck Hand and L DH is Leading Deck Hand . I have never seen this before ,so I would be

glad of advice on this . Also I have no idea  of how to research Naval personal , I have looked on National Archives and found

nothing . So ,as usual , if anyone out there can assist I will be most grateful .


     Old Robin Hood

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Greetings Horatio

Very many thanks for the information ,very useful ,I bought the group .

OLD ROBIN HOOD. (formally of Sherwood Forest) 

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