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Hello All,

I'm new to the forum.

However having an avid interest in history especially the 1st and 2nd WW I have never visited the battlefields in F&F

I am planning a trip with some friends in the summer of this year. Haven't decided what dates yet.

Not knowing what to expect and having no idea how to travel around and I am playing around with the idea of hiring a specialist guide.

I would like to know where I could find an official site that tells me who to contact as I do want to play safe and be sure that I find the right person.

Is there an association of Tour guides I can contact ?

A friend sent me a flyer he picked up, but I'm not sure if this is an official guide, so I'm a bit wary of contacting him before I know more. Does anyone know of this person ? Does anyone know of anyone else who would be a specialist on the subject ?


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Welcome to the Forum.

Iain is a long standing member of this Forum and has just moved to Ieper and set up this new enterprise.

There are also a number of companies based in the town who offer tours and a Google search will, no doubt, find them for you. I suggest you first check out the Ieper Tourism website. All appear to get good recommendations

There are also UK based guides, like the Forum's Tom Morgan. Again, a Google should help.

I've never used a tour guide, preferring to plan my own trip, but I understand that I lose out by not having someone with me with the detailed knowledge. It'sjust my choice.

I suspect that most guides/tours will offer visits to the main regularly-visted places and this may be just what you want for a first time visit. However, if there are particular places you want to visit, you need to establish if your guide has the flexibility to incorporate that.

Other members will have further contibutions to make. But, one final piece of advice - don't try to cram to much in to one trip. There is more than enough round Ieper for a few days visit. Similarly with the Somme

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I've only met Iain 'in real life' once but he was a very nice chap. I still owe him a favour because I was unable to help him run a 1940 campaign tour last year as I couldn't get the time off school.

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I would also recommend Paul Reed for tours, a member of this Forum, based in France and a nice guy!



Many thanks for the kind mention, but I don't really have the time to do many private tours anymore.

Iain is a friend of mine, and I can certainly vouch for his knowledge and ability. Like most professional guides he is able to take you to both the well known and not so well known locations.

On the Somme, another good friend Vic Piuk also offers this service, see:


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Hi Nick,

Whilst I understand your concerns in contacting a legitimate guide, let me assure you that I run a new but registered business and am totally above board in what I do.

There are rules and regulations on this forum about advertising and selling your wares as such, so if you are interested I would ask you to contact me either by phone or through my website www.trenchmaptours.com where I will be able to be of more assistance.

Many thanks to you others for vouching for me :)

Best regards


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Nick I can only vouch for what people have said before me, suffice to say if you are visiting the battlefields Iain would be ideal, his knowledge, enthusiasm and ability to convey it in meaningfull terms will become apparent in minutes of meeting him and you will realise you have made a wise choice. As for an association for guides or whether he is official, thankfully the majority of people like Iain are working because of their passion for the Great War & for the memory of those who served, long may they continue.

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Having known Iain for a couple of years now, i can also recommend him as a guide. As other people have said, his passion for what he does really comes across and somehow makes the war 'less distant' if you know what i mean. He'll take you to out of the way places and anywhere you want to go basically.

( He's also told me he's hung like a donkey but i don't think that's relevant to his tours really) :lol:

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I concur totally with the comments regarding Iain and his abilities. As for having body parts of Donkey proportions, well I’ll leave that for others to confirm. :D

Seriously, Iain has kindly taken me on a couple of excursions specifically related to my Great Grandfathers service. His knowledge and passion do him credit. I spent a wonderful day with him in the Neuve Chapelle area last summer. Learnt a lot, and came home feeling more aware of what my G. Grandfather did and saw.

There are a good number of guides out there. You will get the most from a tour when you connect on a personal level with the guide. So Nick, contact Iain and have a chat with him.

Welcome to the forum by the way (I think this was your first post) and I look forward to hearing what you thought of France and Flanders.


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