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Remembered Today:

What did the Chinese do in the war?


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And an army officer at the time China declared war on Germany in WW1.


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Some great posts, would love to see more photos from the recent exhibition

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The Chinese (Animese) supplied raw labor, drivers of teams and camions. They consisted of the "Tail" for the "Tooth" of actual fighting unts, for supply, commissary, and often pressed into service as medical evacuators. My late Uncle James (Jack) Russel was Doughboy who was gassed and suffered from "shell shock" in the AEF. In 1974 in South VietNam I saw a man on my post DISSOLVE before my eyes from combat fatigue. My Major put his arms around him and hugged him and talked to him like you would to a badly hurt child. I STILL (at 70) remember thinking "WHEN will that happen to me???" Even Georgie Patton wouldn't be angry at a man who has DONE ALL HE CAN. Pardon my soap-box preaching. 

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A blog entry on the Chinese Labour Corps which maybe of interest


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