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Looking for sources that cover battles day by day

Robert de Niro

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Hi I am looking for sources that cover battles or whole fronts day by day. I have found sources that do so for 1914 but end there. Does anyone know of any that go into the rest of the war? They don't only have to be about the western front or have to be English


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There are a few, particularly of the more well-known engagements - Chris McCarthy has published a day-by-day account of both the Somme and Passchendaele, for example. There are others. If that's what you're looking for...

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Today I have purchased a secondhand copy of World War One Day by Day by Alan Hook  ISBN 1-84013-696-0.

It appears to cover all fronts and the political situation, however it does not cover every day as I assume on the days that are not recorded nothing of importance occured.

Hope this assists


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Hi Robert,

The Official Histories are chronological and generally comprehensive. I’m not sure whether there are translations available for e.g. German and French OH’s but others here will point you in the right direction if there are.


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