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Why did some officer GSMs have only rank and name, and others rank, name, and unit?

Kimberley John Lindsay

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Dear All,

I possess, for example, an officer group with GSM clasp KURDISTAN: impressed CAPT. C. D. BALDING.

Furthermore, I have another officer group with GSM clasp IRAQ: impressed MAJOR S. B. HAUSER.

On the other hand, another group with the GSM clasps KURDISTAN & IRAQ, IMG_20211225_160418.jpg.f9f0ada7fe55cc8bf8fc283be157d549.jpgBALDINGgroupmountedbySusanCollinsSep2023.jpg.3874120dbbf92f4c53941aca4041d0d0.jpgBWMVMGSMS.B.Hauser.jpg.b3dbdd72f77eef780a93e3c0eb4f28f6.jpgTheHausers1921.jpg.a97e7147364298a59947ce42e5f8af5e.jpg4PIONEERS.jpg.4ad48cba4c3bffaf2c8fab8db34e8fc1.jpgWOOLLAMgroupmountedbySusanCollinsSep2023.jpg.65efad970434fbfac61f2186fea28454.jpgNamingsOSheaMedals.jpg.dab094e0063c48b73ae14b2b918e6db6.jpgGSM_small.jpg.1fa64b91e08708fa2395ee5478a43420.jpgis impressed CAPT. J. L. WOOLLAM, 106 PIONEERS.

Yet another GSM, with clasps KURDISTAN & IRAQ (MiD oakleaf) is impressed LIEUT. J. P. O'SHEA, I. A. R. O.

Can any GWF aficionado please explain this not unimportant variation...?

Kindest regards,


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