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11th Scottish Rifles - Macedonia Help


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Hi All,

I wondered if anyone has ben able to locate the WD of the 11btn Scottish Rifles Cameronians whilst in Macedonia 1917-1918.

I cannot seem to find in on ancestry or TNA?

I am ressearching an officer who was attached and quite badly effected by shell shock June 1917+ and want to know what they were up to on those dates.



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Thanks Jrmh!

That makes sense!! Much appreciated i was tearing my hair out trying to find it.

have a lovely weekend

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Yes he ended up in a civil mental hospital in Malta very sad. Clearly he had been through a traumatic experience. 

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There is a history of the Cameronians in the Great War by Colonel H H Storey, published by  Hazell Watson & Viney in 1920. Unfortunately it does not appear to have been reprinted, so copies will be hard to find other than in major libraries.



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The book mentioned by Keith above states that there was "no general activity on the battle-front during the summer months of 1917". It does say that there was "considerable patrolling and a few minor raids by the British". It then mentions an attack on a post known as Pitou des 4 arbes on 7th July. The patrol was discovered and hand grenades were thrown at the 11th SR patrol led by a 2nd Lt T Sandilands, with him and two men being wounded. The position was then attacked again on 12th July with a 2nd Lt Walker and one man wounded. The battalion was out of the line at Kalabak during August 1917 and then a "quiet three months of trench duty" followed. 



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The 11th Battalion Scottish Rifles two attacks on the Petite Couronne (P0.1) 8th and 9th of May 1917 are covered in 
'The Official History of the Great War Military Operations Macedonia Volume I' by Captain Cyril Falls. pages 321 to 327.
This can be found online and there is a link here:



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