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Delville Wood - Casualty Evacuation Route


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I am researching an officer attached to the 91st Brigade wounded by artillery in the area just south of Delville Wood / Longueval in late August 1916 - he was taken to No 21 Casualty Clearing Station at La Neuville near Corbie and died there shortly after.

Can anyone point me in the direction of what the route and chain of ADS / CCS would likely have been at that point?

Minden Post and Citadel ADS, which linked through Morlancourt MDS to the railway and other CCSs - but presumably other links in the chain were there by late August near Longueval? 

Thanks in advance.

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There is normally some information including maps in the War Diaries of the Divisional ADMS or in the Corps DDMS of the RAMC. It was probably different for Officers but I tried this exercise with the 20 Div RE wounded at Guillemont in September 1916. 20 Div ADMS and 14 Corps DDMS identified a route, I got the WDs of the CCSs identified but in the end I was reduced to finding Service and Pension records for 20 Div RE wounded named in the Times Official Casualty List 11/10/1916 and checking the details on the AF B 103. The WDs of the attacking infantry of 10 and 11 Rifle Brigade, 59 IB name their wounded and so I did the same with them. No set pattern emerged.


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Very helpful indeed - thank you Brian. War Diary of 7th Division ADMS mentions, on 27 August (i.e. two days before), they were using aid posts in Delville Wood, ADS at Bernafay Wood and a divisional collecting station at Mametz. 

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