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Zaandvoorde Ridge (?)


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Could someone help with identifying the battle that is referred to below. It is from a diary about 1918 but clearly refers to some episode in the past.

"And yet there was a day on Zandvoorde Ridge when twenty-three men, left out of 800, lay behind the piled-up bodies of their dead and held the line against the flower of the Pomeranian Guard".

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Could be the fighting on 30/10/1914. 

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No, it should be from the last days of the First Battle of Ypres (around 11 November 1914). Units of the Prussian Guards and the Pomeranian II Army Corps were fighting then on the Menin Road near Veldhoek (between Geluveld and Hooge) in a last effort to capture Ypres.

The fighting near Zandvoorde on 30 October 1914 (most famous for the huge losses of the Household Cavalry) was by parts of the XV Army Corps (Alsace) with some Jägers and Bavarian troops.



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