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The Chipilly Six


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I was sent this if you want to look for it when out?

Dear Members

Laura Thomas, from the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance, is inviting members of the FFFAIF to attend an event being held at the Shrine on 13 September, from 11 am to 12 pm.



FFFAIF Member Ross McMullin will be talking with author, Lucas Jordon, of his new book on the Chipilly Six. Some of you may be familiar with the story of how six Diggers, seeing the British troops on the other bank of the Somme being held up from advancing by German resistance, crossed the river, organised the Tommies, led the assault and wiped out the German strongpoints, allowing the British advance to proceed.

The Aussies then recrossed the Somme and re-joined their unit. It is certainly a fascinating tale that deserves wider recognition.


The flyer for the event says:

On 9 August 1918, on high ground overlooking the Somme River, an entire British Army Corps was held up by German machine gunners. The battle had raged for 30 hours and more than 2000 Englishmen had fallen. Meanwhile, two Australian sergeants, Jack Hayes and Harold Andrews, went absent without leave and crossed the Somme ahead of the British lines. Gathering weapons and four of their best mates, Hayes and Andrews returned to take on the Germans.

In his latest book, The Chipilly Six: Unsung Heroes of the Great War, historian Lucas Jordan weaves a compelling tale of the lives of these soldiers, chronicling their return home and years after service, through a pandemic, the Great Depression, another world war and the very first Anzac Day dawn service.”

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