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Remembered Today:

I think this is an unusual telegram as it brought the Turks into the war


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I picked this up and from what I remember these ships helped to bring the Turks into the war in the side of the Germans also it mentions in early August 1914 about the mines around the Dardanelles

who is it being sent don’t I can’t work out the initials 





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Its being sent to the CinC some where, possbily the Med Fleet in Egypt or else where.

The British knew full well that the German sent these ships because they were trying to catch them, but failed.

The Mines were also well known, because they were there when the British help run the defences 

It was only after war was started, that more fields were laid, the British didn't know 

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This looks like the telegram sent by Winston Churchill (First Lord of the Admiralty) to Admiral Sir Berkeley Milne (C-in-C Mediterranean Fleet) 
“Information received Dardanelles that 'Goeben' and 'Breslau' arrived there 8.30pm, 10th August. You should establish a blockade of Dardanelles for the present but be on the lookout for mines.”

By this time Turkey was already in the war, having earlier and secretly signed a treaty of alliance (Said Halim for Turkey & Baron von Wangenhheim for Germany) on 2nd August at the summer residence of the German ambassador at Tarabya

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NB: the wording of this telegram was soon corrected following a query by Admiral Milne.

Admiralty to Sir Berkeley Milne
11 August 1914
“In reply to your telegram mistake in wording no blockade intended only carefully watch the entrance in case enemy's cruisers come out."

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