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lena ashwell


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found a first edition copy from 1922 of lena ashwell modern troubadours a record of concerts from the front also signed by the author to dorothy with love lena ashwell. not had much luck finding any info on the book the only copy i have found is on the archive page of the cadbury reasearch library birmingham can anyone help.20230807_162438.jpg.ba076cdee80ce015a28f9d64fa354058.jpg


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There are more copies around than that - three different records listed here, all with several holding libraries listed: 


Not helped by the fact that

1. three different cataloguers have used variant authority forms of the author's name

2. one cataloguer appears to have missed out a letter from the word "Troubadours" - unless there really was an edition published with the typo on the title page.


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