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Remembered Today:

"Count Dracula", WWI & WWII boat to be restored


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An item on my local TV prompted me to Google, resulting in my finding this:

Boatyard boss aims to bring heroic Dunkirk ship Count Dracula back from the dead

Scroll down for an image of Count Dracula on SMS Hindenberg before its 1919 scuttling.

Also see here.

"COUNT DRACULA was built as an Admirals Barge in Wilhemshaven, Germany in 1913, the builder is unknown. Her first owners were the Imperial German Navy. Admiral Von Hipper used her to transfer from SMS Lutzow to SMS Moltke (via torpedo boat SMS G39) during the Battle of Jutland in 1916. She was salvaged by the Royal Navy at Scapa Flow in 1919. after the scuttling of the German fleet."

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