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Remembered Today:

Kraftwagenpark 519


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I notice this on another site, (Postcards) Württembergisches Auktionshaus Joachim Erhardt Gmb Sale: 133

Mossul 8/10 18 klar auf oben leicht verkürztem Brief von K. Motzek, Kraftwagenpark 519 mit Briefstempel nach Kattowitz. Der Brief ist bei Ahrens abgebildet. Am 4.11.18 wurde Mossul von den Briten übernommen

I was not aware of the KWP 519 was in Mesopotamia?

I have parts of KWP 511 and possibly parts of KWP 509, there for peroids, but no record of 519?

Then again I have no record of KWP 519 being in Turkey?

Could they made a mistake between 519 and 511?

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Kraus - Handbuch der Verbände und Truppendes deutschen Heeres, Kraftfahrtruppen Volume 1 has no record of either Kraftwagenpark 509, 511 or 519. Are you sure it isn‘t Kraftwagen-Kolonne, but even so a 519 isn‘t recorded. The only KWP recorded are 504, 505, 508 and 514. The only Kraftwagen-Kolonnen with service in Irak are 501, 508 a & b, 509b & 511.

A link or photo of the postcard would really help.


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The first Pasha 1 was made up of these

501st 502nd 503rd 504th 505th 506th 507th 508th 509th 511th 514th 515th and 516th 

(Kraftwagenpark) Kraftwagen-Kolonne

That's why I wondered about 519 as I don't show it?

As to a link sorry I am not that good at that so I placed as much as they gave?

On checking I did find that Etappen-Fuhrpark-Kolonne 514 was based at Mosul under  LtdeL Hermann Bockmühl

So they may of made a mistake with the 9 and 4?


just to add

part of 509 was based at Nisibin (iraq)

511 at Tell-Helif (Iraq) 

part 508 at Mosul

part 501 at Mosul

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