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Remembered Today:

"Best Love to All" by John Rigby-Jones


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Recently a descendant of the author and of the protagonist loaned me this book. Initially I was not enthused, as I'm not really into books about battlefields (all those foreign and unit names),  but it turned out to be a very good read.

Eric Rigby-Jones served throughout the war and left behind a collection of letters and documents from which his grandson produced a very readable book. It educated me about some of the most important battles of the Great War and provided many human insights. Eric's letters home frequently requested clothing and other items (not least cigarettes for his men), though one wonders about his mother's wisdom in sending him very vulnerable eggs!

There are interesting accounts of accountability and responsibility. On one occasion Eric sent up flares warning of a German attack that fizzled out. His two superiors were not impressed, though he later got commended by their commanding officer. Sackings of senior commanders are also  described.


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