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Remembered Today:

The Niedermayer-Hentig Expedition to Afghanistan


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I was checking some names of the Germans on this expedition when I came across this on the net?

When looking for some bloke named

Winkelmann    who is mention BOWH Persia

One hit gave me a story in "Life" magizine on Eichmann

"20 Sept 2018  So I suggested to Major General Winkelmann, the ranking SS officer ... during the First World War despite the Niedermayer-Hentig Expedition"

On checking the story I must have missed the part that said this so called, Maj General Winkelmann in the SS was the same man in the Niedermayer Expedition?

I am chasing a dead dog here, or is there something here I can find out who the man named Winkelmann, who served in the Expedition?



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