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Medal rank markings


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I have just obtained a pair of RE medals.

The man's rank is A 2 Cpl.

What does that mean exactly?


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This thread will give some more details, link.

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Thanks for that.

Never heard of 2nd Corporal.

I am still confusded by the Lance Corporal business, ie it is not a rank but an appointment - does that mean the lowest NCO rank is Full Corporal?

Did a lance jack get paid extra? What was the point of it?


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Think of the lance Corporal in the terms of several other armies - it's a "PFC" (Private , First Class), or a "Senior Private".

Yes, a L/Cpl. could be paid more than a pte. (unless he was "appointed L/Cpl unpaid", then he wasn't!), but then again, this "paid" and "unpaid" scenario can be encountered at all rungs of the ladder (ie. "Acting Corporal, unpaid", etc.).

Many people look a great deal into this "rank or appointment" thing, but, at the end of the day it all just boild down to seniority and responsibilities. Whether Lance Jack is an appointment or a rank, he still carries more authority and has more responsibilities than a private. He wears a badge (chevron) to diffrentiate himself from the private soldier and, quite often , has more pay. Personally, I think that this is all that really mattered to the guys who were there.


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