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German wounded PoW Sept 1918


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May be one for you charlie

I have a a number of Germans shown as wounded and PoW's during the Sept 1918 battles

They all appear treated at the DMC Operating Unit during that time.

I have tried the normal sources like Verlustlisten 1. Weltkrieg and Red cross files but there names don't show?

That maybe my fault and or the Hosp just didn't spell there names right

See if you can find them?

Magnos or Magnus - ( Cong hard to read?)    unknown     Unit unknown     1917-18    captured  around PoW 23-9-18 treated in DMC OU for GSW R/hand 23-9-18

Bawsz or Bäwsz Otto    unknown    shown 701st Bn    1917-18    reported captured PoW 22-9-18 treated in DMC OU WIA L/leg said to be three days old

Kernbach Georg    unknown     Unit unknown     1917-18    captured  around PoW 23-9-18 treated in DMC OU for GSW R/leg 

Hugo Ernst    unknown     Unit unknown Motor Mechanic    1917-18    captured  around PoW 27-9-18 treated in DMC OU for GSW abdoman

Harbraham Joseph    unknown     Unit unknown     1917-18    captured  around PoW 27-9-18 treated in DMC OU for GSW L/eye

I did notice a Gustav Kernbach from Königsberg shown lightly wounded around that time (8-11-18) but that maybe wishful thinking

Any ideas 


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Very difficult Steve, some are obviously misspelled but still don‘t show in the casualty lists

Magnus could be a fore or surname

Bawsz probably Bautz or Bauß

Hugo Ernst could be Ernst Hugo

Harbraham probably Abraham

Can you post the original documents?
Have you managed to identify other PoWs on the same OU list?
DMC = ? 


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Posted (edited)


Sorry mate I am not that smart to do that

In the War Diary 

The document is AWM4 26/89/4

Sept to Oct 1918

the Desert Mounted Corps Operating Unit, 

The names appear in the men treated at the hosp during this peroid and include names of British, Aussie and Indian soldiers, as well as unnamed wounded Turkish PoWs and a few named Germans.

The names appear on pages


Magnos or Magnus Cong?
Bawsz or Bäwsz Otto


Kernbach Georg


Hugo Ernst
Harbraham Joseph

That was my first thought taking the names of wounded men there must be a misspelling so I draw blanks?



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Maybe "Cong" is a misreading by the writer of a very bad original "Georg"? There is a Georg MAGNUS who appears on a list from November 1918 but with no regimental info. I think there were some Georg Magnus in the ICRC database too but they were captured in France.

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Posted (edited)


Yes thanks, on checking the Verlustlisten there are two otto's, but named Bauß not Bauss

both not the right bloke?

But Bauß Otto (Kaltennordheim, Dermbach) comes close?

I checked those men I have from Bauss Company of the 701st Bn but none appear to give a place of capture but spread all over Palestine

His Company, - Geschütz-Züg - Infanterie-Bataillon 701 - Schwerin 701. Piyade bölügünde (Schütz.Kp.  (Heavy weapons Co/701st Bn) 

most show just - vermißt MIA possibly PoW 9-18 in Palästina

There commander Lt Otto Graf von Schwerin, also was reported vermißt MIA possibly PoW - full name I see was Otto Karl Max Botho Graf von Schwerin died 16-1-45

Good start


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