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German names for Somme trenches


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Hi there

Can anyone help me with the German names for some trenches on the Somme, please? Ideally I would also like a map showing these trenches with their German names.

The German trench names are the Below-Stellung ( = Flers-Trench), Sachsenweg (= Drop Alley & Goose Alley?) , Fourreau-Riegel (= ?), Petersdorfriegel ( = ?) and Bayernriegel (= ?).

There are also a couple of trenches for which I have the English names, but the German equivalents would be very useful, ie Grove Alley (in M30 d) and Flers Switch In (M28b).

The area involved is that bordered by Flers - Eaucourt l'Abbaye - Thilloy - Beaulencourt - Le Transloy - Lesboeufs.

I have examined the histories of the German regiments located in this area in the second half of September 1916, but they don't seem to contain many useful maps. Identifying the above trenches would help my understanding of the German histories

I'd be grateful for any help you can provide.

Thanks - Bill

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