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leaking phosgene bomb discovered in Zonnebeke?

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I just wanted to share this news article (in Dutch): https://www.vrt.be/vrtnws/nl/2023/05/24/munitiestortplaats-uit-eerste-wereldoorlog-ontdekt-in-zonnebeke/

Apparantly a smoking phosgene bomb was discovered and during the works, more explosives were found. It just shows that these things can still be dangerous (and in fact are becoming more and more dangerous because of rust and degradation over time).

I wonder though whether it is really a phosgene bomb or rather a phosphor bomb. Smoking phosphor boms are more common (the phosphor starts burning as soon as it gets in contact with oxygen), but of course dangerous as well (possible nasty burn wounds). Anyway, the bomb disposal people clearing up are wearing gas masks and protective clothing... (which may be of course also just health and safety regulations for clearing anything which is smoking)



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When I use to disposed of these things in the Army

After blowing the bomb up in place, if any thing was left, we would just rack the ground to expose the phos to the air.

the best idea was to rack the ground a number of times, so you got all of it.

As to the PPE, that must be H&S, as we never used it in the field

It would not help if a phos bomb went off, as the stuff gets thrown every where, and would burn quickly throw PPE of plastic clothing


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