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I recently learned my great uncle left after some time assigned to US Army Coastal Artillery (we think) went AWOL and came north to Valcartier and spent 5 years in country.  Does anyone have any idea which CEF units might have been interested in his experience?  He apparently served under an unknown alias.  Thanks to all!

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Any Canadian Artillery unit would have been interested.

The principals of Gunnery are the same whether it is a static coastal gun or a mobile field artillery gun. It is the equipment drills that differ. 

If he had been a signaller, or other employment, similarly the skill sets would have been of interest.

Information on the Canadian Artillery WW1.

First World War 1914-1918 - The Royal Canadian Artillery Museum (rcamuseum.com)

He could also have ended up in any unit, military experience being of interest to any regiment. 


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